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Frequently Asked Questions


Order Questions 

What payment methods do you accept?

The Kobo eReader Store accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as PayPal and Clearpay. Kobo Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase a device.


I’m tax exempt. How do I place my order?

You will need to file your tax exemption with your local government after you have purchased. To get your order invoice with your Tax ID on it, please visit the Order Status page.


I want to order Kobo eReaders in bulk. Who should I reach out to?

For orders of 10+ eReaders, please visit our bulk order page, or email us at and we’d be happy to help.


Do you offer curbside pickup?

We do not offer curbside pickup for the Kobo eReader Store. If you would like to purchase in-store, please visit one of our retailers listed here.


Why can’t I select a different country for shipping?

When you are at the checkout page to input your shipping information, the country is preselected based on your geolocation. This is to ensure that you are placing the order for delivery within the correct Kobo store and with the correct currency. If you are not located in the United Kingdom, please visit our Regions page to visit the storefront for your country or our Retailers page for a list of our retailers.


How come my discount code is not working?

All discount codes are time sensitive and are to be used within the time intended for promotion. Except for special circumstances, discount codes cannot be redeemed on sale products.


Why can’t I apply more than one discount code on my order?

Only one discount code may be redeemed per order. If you have more than one discount code that you would like to apply, you will need to place more than one order in order to apply the discounts.


How do pre-orders work?

If you are placing a pre-order for a product, your credit card will be charged on the day of purchase. Your product will be shipped out on or before the in-store date, and should arrive on or just after the in-store date.


Kobo Account Questions 

What is the difference between Kobo’s eBookstore and the Kobo eReader store?

The Kobo eBookstore allows customers to purchase eBooks and audiobooks and add them to their Kobo library. The Kobo eReader Store allows customers to purchase Kobo eReaders and accessories and have them shipped directly to an address of their choosing within the country of the purchase. Your Kobo account information is not used while purchasing on the Kobo eReader Store.


Why do I have to input my email again when I place an order on the Kobo eReader Store?

The Kobo eReader Store is different from the Kobo eBookstore and we currently do not have the customer information linked between the two websites.


Product Questions 

My Kobo is not working, what should I do?

Please visit the Kobo Help Centre to troubleshoot and reach out to our Customer Care team.


What is E Ink, and what makes it different than a phone or tablet screen?

E Ink is electronic ink that offers a glare-free, print-on-paper reading experience. In Kobo eReaders’ E Ink display, there are microscopic particles of black and white ink mixed in with each pixel on the screen. As you turn pages in your eBook, different ink particles move to the surface of your screen, appearing as text and pictures that look just like print on a page.


What’s the difference between front light and back light?

Kobo eReaders use front-light technology that diffuses light across the page, rather than illuminating it from behind. Back-lit screens often cause eyestrain because they shine outwards, towards your eyes, and because they require glass screens that reflect light and create harsh glare. ComfortLight on Kobo eReaders allows you to adjust light brightness, and select eReaders with ComfortLight PRO allow you to also adjust blue light levels.


What languages do the Kobo eReaders support?

Kobo eReaders support English, French, French (Canada), German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese.


Are all SleepCovers compatible with all eReaders?

No, the accessories are only compatible with devices that share the same name. For example, the Kobo Nia SleepCover is only compatible with the Kobo Nia.